Updated 2014 Plans

23 December 2013

I’ve had a little more time to think about 2014 and more definitive race plans are starting to coalesce. I’ve (wisely) reduced the number of races to focus on quality. I’m cognizant that there’s a lot of social-type stuff going on next year (i.e., more weddings), plus I want to lift more, get into climbing and kayaking, etc.  That being said…

February 22: Mt. Mitchell Challenge (registered). I can already tell I’ll be undertrained for this one because I’ve had a lazy past few weeks.

March 15: Rock & Roll USA Half Marathon (registered). I’ve half-assedly done the full the the past few years, but T convinced me to do this half this year. I haven’t done one in several years (other than pacing friends), so I think it’s ripe for a PR attempt if I can get some good speed sessions in the spring. Plus, before I can retire from road running, I have to nail that dream marathon time, and this will be a good step toward that.

May 10: Capon Valley 50k. Supposedly a good course, only two hours from DC, and I’ll use it as a training run.

June 14: Laurel Highlands Ultra (applied). This will be the focal race for the year. It means that for the third or fourth straight year running, I’ll miss out on the DC North Face Endurance Challenge. But I’m excited about Laurel Highlands because the course will be reminiscent of Oil Creek and it’ll keep me eligible for the Western States lottery. Plus, if I did my math right, doing Oil Creek, Mountain Masochist, and Laurel Highlands in that span of time will give me enough points to register for UTMB. (Mon dieu!)

July 26: Catoctin 50k. I wasn’t disappointed with last year’s race, but I can go significantly faster. I need a strong showing for my backyard race.

September 13: The Rut 50k. This is highly speculative, but I’d love to do it for a number of reasons – Big Sky country, the naked mountaintop, Euro-style racing, the Skyrunning championship. The high altitude will hurt and slow me down significantly, but I’m so, so tempted to do some real western running, especially since I’m taking a pass on Speedgoat.

October 4: Megatransect Challenge. Honestly, this kind of looks like a dream course. I was bummed to get shut out of registration last year. 

October 26: Fire on the Mountain 50k. I love everything about this race. I’m excited to return after taking a pass this year and giving it an honest effort.

November 22: JFK 50 Mile. Highly speculative. I thought I was done with this one, but spectating this year got me all fired up. With some fair training, I can take a decent chunk of my 2011 time. But this already looks like a pretty full autumn.

Sometimes I think I enjoy planning for races as much as running them.


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