So this is the new year

21 November 2013

But, as previously discussed, I’ve got a lot of exciting goals and plans for 2014. I’ve nearly settled on a race schedule for 2014, to wit:

February 22: Mt. Mitchell Challenge (registered)

March 22: Terrapin Mountain 50k

April 26: Promise Land 50k

May 10: Capon Valley 50k

Early June: North Face Endurance Challenge DC 50

June 14: Lawyers Have Heart 10k (obligatory)

July 19: Speedgoat 50k

October 4: Megatransect Challenge

November 6: R2R2R

That’s ambitious, even for a guy who realizes that he often bites off more than he can chew.  That being said, it’s very likely subject to change.  I’d like to add a marathon PR attempt – if I am focusing on getting fast(er) this year, it would make sense.  Although I’ve done the erstwhile National Marathon for the past four years, I might skip it this year or just go for a half marathon PR.  A different goal for the year is to just get more vert.

Having done Holiday Lake and Mountain Masochist this year, Terrapin Mountain and Promise Land would set me up for a nice Lynchburg Ultra Series or Beast Series attempt in the next few years.  I really wanted to look into Andy Jones-Wilkins’s new race, the Thomas Johnson 100k, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards.  I’m also bummed that I’ll be taking a pass on Fire on the Mountain 50k for the second straight year.  I like to think of it as my home race, but it’s too close to the Double Crossing attempt.

Speedgoat will be very, very challenging, but my primary motivation in all of this is for the adventure.  For that I’ll probably have to spend a few months on the StairMaster while restricting oxygen intake to simulate the altitude, no David Carradine.


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