11 October 2009

I finally watched Machuca, after intending to do so for some time now.  I was very impressed, but, as always, I find it impossible to disentangle my critical faculties from the strong feelings of nostalgia I have for Chile.  (Hearing that Chilean dialect – so frustrating to master – is always music to my ears.  I recall how I ridiculously excited I got on my old bus route whenever I heard a Chilean drop a “po” into conversation.)

Here’s the New York Times review from 2005.  One thing I’d add is the impressive cinematography of the film, at least to this uninformed observer.  One scene that stood out was the one in which Gaston received his comeuppance from one of the slum students in the schoolyard.

The coup of 1973 is difficult to address in a completely even-handed manner, and I agree with the Times reviewer that the director did an admirable job despite his obvious sympathies.


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