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For insight into my present mood

31 August 2009

What the Tortoise said to Achilles.


Quoth Holmes

25 August 2009

“A page of history is worth a volume of logic.”  See here.

As heard in Torts today.  I’m fond of it.

Three Views of British Columbia

20 August 2009

West Coast Trail 121

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Welcome to Law School: Intro. to the Socratic Method

18 August 2009

Note the sweet beard.


9 August 2009

The second-best part of the biannual Kuhn reunion is the auction to raise funds for the next reunion.  This year I bid (unopposed) on a stack of eleven National Geographic magazines from 2008.  This letter comes from the April issue (I couldn’t find an electronic version, alas):

“I particularly appreciated Robert Draper’s tracing of anglicized words to the original Spanish, but he missed one.  On page 124 he uses the word ‘dallying,’ meaning ‘wrapping one’s rope around the saddle horn.’  The full English phrase is ‘dally welter’ and comes directly from the Spanish words dale vuelta, meaning ‘wrap around’ or ‘give it a turn.'” – James Vasquez, Ellensburg, Washington


6 August 2009

I had a nice visit to the National Gallery today with a brief sidetrip to the National Portrait Gallery.  This painting, along with its companion pomegranate piece, was one of my favorites from the Luis Melendez exhibition.

The Art of Power: Royal Armor and Portraits from Imperial Spain was also very well done, but I think I’m predisposed to like any exhibit featuring armor.  It’s the repressed warrior in me.

Compare and Contrast

4 August 2009

“Do not speak to me of rules.  This is war!  This is not a game of cricket!” — Colonel Saito.

“Smokey, this is not ‘Nam.  This is bowling.  There are rules.” — Walter Sobchak.

A Quiet Moment in Prague

3 August 2009